Can all types of hyperhidrosis (hands, feet, armpits) be corrected with one operation?

The answer is absolutely not. Based on our experience and careful evaluations (peer reviewed studies) we do not believe in a one surgery fixes all solution. Different procedures are more effective for different types of hyperhidrosis. The facts are that endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy is extremely helpful with hand sweating and has good results with armpit sweating. The success of ETS is lower with excessive foot sweating (plantar). Endoscopic lumbar sympathectomy however is very effective for excessive foot sweating. Each type of excessive sweating deserves a different focused approach for better success rates.

Facial blushing / facial hyperhidrosis are not appropriate indications for sympathectomy adopted by Dr. Reisfeld. For more information on this see our facial blushing page.

Surgical solutions for each type of excessive sweating

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