Dr. Reisfeld would like emphasize what already has been written on this site. Dr. Reisfeld still believes, based on his experience, that ETS should not be performed on patients with isolated facial blushing and or facial sweating. Contrary to surgeons who still perform and recommend the operation for that indication there are a lot of patients that are unhappy when ETS was done only for those indications. The success rate when ETS is done only for facial sweating/facial blushing is much lower than when ETS is done for excessive hand sweating / palmar hyperhidrosis. This opinion slowly is being accepted by more and more leading ETS surgeons around the world.


  1. Devin  March 4, 2015

    What is the cure for excessive facial sweating and blushing? Also, I believe anxiety can be cause but mostly I’m just anxious about sweating and not really for any other specific reason.

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  March 14, 2015

      As of the last 15 years we realized that facial blushing and excessive facial sweating are not best treated with ETS or any other surgical procedures. This came after long term observations of the results for this ailment after ETS was done for them. Anxiety obviously is a major part of this problem but anxiety is not a matter of surgical treatment. You should try to talk with a good internist and or psychologist to see what other means there are to address your anxiety and social fear.


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