Groin Sweating – Causes and Treatments Available

Groin Sweating Defined:
Another area of isolated excessive sweating (focal hyperhidrosis) can happen in the groin area. This is an area rich with sweat glands apocrine and eccrine. For those affected patients this can be a bothersome and embarrassing site for sweating. Because of the location sometimes an odor can accompany this excessive sweating. The exact number of patients afflicted with this problem is very difficult to ascertain.

Groin Sweating Causes
No specific cause can be identified currently. Groin sweating has to do with the specific physiological build of the person. Obviously obesity can contribute to this and weight loss is an obvious first step to try and eliminate the problem.

Groin Sweating Treatment
Conservative methods to treat this problem should start with the application of antiperspirants. Commercially available lotions such as Maxim can be obtained via the Internet. Medically prescribed antiperspirants such as Drysol are available with a doctors prescription. If those do not give any relief then Botox injections can be applied to those affected areas providing temporary relief (About 2 to 6 months). The last option for those resistant cases could be with retrodermal suction currettage. In this procedure, which is done under mild anesthesia, the area of sweat can be scraped and removed through small holes. The last surgical option is excision of the skin in that region which is a more extensive operation with associated side effects. To evaluate ones condition please talk with your surgeon about it. Dr. Reisfeld provides the above available options, please call (310)-557-3037 or contact us for more information. Dr. Reisfeld also offers paid consultations for those who are not able to come into the office.

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