Male Hyperhidrosis

As we know from statistical analysis from many clinical studies dealing with the subject of hyperhidrosis the percentage affecting males is somewhat less the female population but not to a significant degree. Also contributing to this difference could be the social / cultural perspective of the differences between males and females. Men are sometimes less concerned about sweating as it pertains to their masculinity. In modern society however there are many jobs, social interactions and settings (relationships) that will bring the same degree of embarrassment to the male population affected with this issue.

Male Foot Sweating
Compared to the female population affected with excessive foot sweating (plantar hyperhidrosis) men are less particular about it. Never the less having wet socks throughout the day, producing bad odor and recurrent skin problems such as infection and maceration can pose serious problems and frustrations. Many men also report the necessity to change and or buy footwear on a very frequent basis. The ELS procedure can be a very relieving one for this condition. For more information please visit our foot sweating page.

Male Armpit Sweating
Excessive armpit sweating can pose various problems for men in professional and social settings. Armpit sweating that repeatedly appears through ones clothing can be embarrassing to say the least and expensive as many dress for example can be ruined. Men with this issue are often forced to only wear certain types of clothing or to go to great lengths to hide their condition. For more information please visit our armpit sweating page.

Male Hand Sweating
Sweaty Palms or sweaty hands presents problems for men in both the workplace and in social settings. Shaking hands in a business meeting for example can be embarrassing for men who refuse to shake hands because of their sweaty palms or because of how sweaty their hands are when they do have to shake hands. Sometimes it can create degrading comments from those your shaking hands with. Learn more, visit our hand sweating page.

For both male and female patients the same principles apply which that each patient should take time to understand what hyperhidrosis is, discuss with their doctor, attempt conservative treatments and if they are not seeing satisfactory improvements to discuss possible surgical options with a surgeon who is knowledgeable in the procedures available.

The surgery itself is often a liberating type experience for many who had suffered under this condition for years. The procedures are done on an outpatient basis (same day). Physical activity can be resumed in a relatively short time (days not weeks) with a very minimal amount of scarring.

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