Sub Dermal Laser Ablation (SDLA) and Sub Dermal Curretage:

These two terms describe a surgical method applied to the treatment of focal hyperhidrosis in the armpit areas (also known as axillary hyperhidrosis). In these procedures laser energy as well as mechanical energy is applied to the armpit areas in order to destroy hyperactive sweat glands. (learn more about sweat glands). Dr. Reisfeld does not recommend ETS as a procedure of choice for patients who suffer only from armpit sweating. The reason is that the sub-dermal laser ablation and sub-dermal curretage is devoid of generalized side effects. It should be kept in mind that the success rate is only about 85%.

It is known that some centers offer SDLA as a sole solution for severe compensatory sweating that affects different areas of the body. Our experience so far is that SDLA by itself is not sufficient to eradicate focal hyperhidrosis. This is why Dr. Reisfeld is adding the sub-dermal curretage which is a mechanical part of the operation. His procedure includes both the laser treatment and the sub dermal curretage. Dr. Reisfeld chose this strategy after experiencing poor results when using only SDLA. The idea of using SDLA as a surgical method by itself to treat compensatory sweating is lacking any credible clinical data or studies. Surgeons should provide patients with all available data before going ahead with the procedure.

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