What is the age range for patients to have the Sweaty Feet procedure done?

The age range for performing ELS is not yet set. The bodies physical development as well as the patients mental development are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration.
The reason for this is that procedure has only been done since about 2005 and there is a need for more information to be accumulated to give an exact answer. Having said that a personal approach should be applied to each case which again makes it obligatory to talk to the surgeon performing the operation.

It is a known fact that the maturation of the sweat glands in the feet that cause excessive feet sweating (plantar hyperhidrosis) is happening later in life early 20’s etc. It does not mean that some younger patients in their teens also will present with excessive feet sweating at the same level as their hand sweating. Once must keep in mind that the two operations cannot be performed at the same time. The recommendation that we adopted is to first go for the ETS surgery even though the patient might say both are equally excessively sweating. There are enough cases in which ETS provided some lessening of the patients foot sweating in the beginning but it is not a guarantee that the reduction will stay long term. As a rule we wait at least 4 months between the two operations to be sure before proceeding.

It is recommended that Dr. Reisfeld be contacted for a much more precise assessment. Every case is unique. Please see our section on younger age hyperhidrosis.

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