Child Sweating – Young Age Hyperhidrosis:

Excessive hand sweating or palmar hyperhidrosis can appear at a very young age. Children as young as 6 or 7 can have problems with excessive hand sweating which is often poorly understood by their parents, teachers and schoolmates. Obviously this can very stressful and create a lot of functional and social problems. The surgical solution should not be applied at a very young age. I believe that children suffering from hyperhidrosis should be supported by their families and try any conservative measures available.

child excessive sweating

Even though surgical treatment was offered to children as young as 10 years of age it was observed that there recurrence rate in the younger age groups is higher. Dr. Reisfeld believes that within this age group (10-14 years old) the regeneration ability is much more pronounced giving a reason for a higher rate of recurrence. Also during these younger years and time of growth the body has more ways to change. Because of that Dr. Reisfeld at present limits the surgical treatment for patients who reach mental and physical maturity (Over 14 to 15 years of age). Having said that, when one encounters this younger population, with enormous physical and mental anguish, then after careful consideration the procedure can be offered.

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A surgical approach should be reserved for only the severe cases once the child enters maturity. This should be determined with your doctor. The decision about performing sympathectomy in the younger age groups should NOT be done on an emotional basis. The decision should only be made after careful consideration.

Since Hyperhidrosis is known to be a genetic disorder the clinical manifestations can come at a very young age. Obviously having hyperhidrosis will cause problems to the affected child and to his family. Affected children can experience not only embarrassing comments by their peers but also some misunderstanding from their parents, teachers and other adult instructors. This in turn can aggravate the negative impact on the child. Stories about affected children who did not want to go back to school or failed in their classes is something I hear from parents all the time.

The treatment for children affected severely by hyperhidrosis or excessive hand sweating should be given both to the patients and their families. First the families should understand the problem by discussing the situation with an appropriate medical care provider. They should understand this is a physiological issue and not a mental problem with their child. The affected children on the other hand should be supported as much as possible by explanations and re-enforcing the fact that there is nothing wrong with them. The most appropriate time for surgical treatment is not yet determined but physiologically and mentally matured children could be offered a surgical solution after the age of 14. In the mean time alternative methods are available.

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  1. Kate  May 19, 2016

    My son is 5yrs old and i observed that both hands and feet are sweaty sometimes. Early in the morning when he woke up, sometimes he will complain that his hands are wet already. He like to thumbsuck. We discourage him to stop thumbsucking but sometimes he forgot. In my side, sometimes my hands and feet are both sweating but not that much, usually it will occur during afternoon. I hate wearing slippers because when my feet started sweating, my feet will get dirty…. Does my son inherit my sweaty hands and feet? what will i do to help my son as this early age of him. By the way, we kept changing his clothes every now and then because his back is sweating also especially if he played much…. What will i do?

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  May 19, 2016

      From the mail you sent it looks like that your son inherited the hyperhidrosis genes from you. It is too early to predict to what level it will develop so in the mean time there is nothing to do for him with regard to his excessive sweating. As he gets older you will see as to the level of his problem. Thanks

  2. Dennis  May 4, 2016

    My daughter will turn 14 on June 7, 2016, she is experiencing excessive sewing in her arm pits and is becoming very self conches and uncomfortable when in school and around crowds. I was wondering if it would be recommended for her to have botox injection’s to treat this condition at her young age. My family Doctor says she’s ok to have it done but I am not completely sold and am looking for a second opinion from somebody who specializes in this field. Any information or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dennis

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  May 4, 2016

      For isolated arm pits sweating you can try the Botox injections. This is a temporary solution but can be tried.

  3. Aby  March 17, 2016

    My daughter has had sweaty hands and feet since being a baby. She is now 5. Sometimes we see wet footprints on the floor when it is at its worst.

    It seems to come and go and is not constant. She is due a hospital appointment because she has been complaining of her back and tummy hurting. And recently we found a small amount of blood in her urine. Tests have showed nothing.

    I really don’t know what is wrong with her or what to do about it. The doctor seems at a loss too and I am hoping the hospital appointment will help. Should I take her to see a nutritionist as well? Any advise would be great!

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  April 23, 2016

      Thank you for the comment Aby. Indeed hyperhidrosis can start at a very young age. Some parents will tell that the hands and feet of their babies are noticeably wet at times. Later on in grade school these presentations of sweat become even more obvious and also bothersome. The question of what is the right age to offer treatment will come eventually. In the younger age groups up to about 13/14 attempts should first be given to conservative treatments such as lotions or pills. Even though the success rate the dismal with those approaches they should be tried. Around the world the earliest surgical intervention was described at the age of 10 but we believe that between the ages of 13-14 is an appropriate age to consider the surgical method. Physical and mental maturity a large determining factor in making the decision.

  4. Center For Hyperhidrosis  January 26, 2015

    If your hands are sweaty enough to the point of dripping than most likely you are suffering from primary hyperhidrosis. You can try some conservative measures such as lotions or pills or electrical devices. The success rate with those conservative methods is very limited.The surgical options should be taken if those fail. You can read all the information on our web site sweaty-palms.com . Thanks


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