June 10, 2005

Dear Dr. Reisfeld and Staff,

I can’t thank you enough for the new life you have given me since I came in to have the Sympathectomy/Endoscopic procedure completed.  It has been almost a month now, and the procedure has definitely been tested since I’ve been back in Phoenix.

After over 25 years of being embarrassed by overly excessive hand and underarm sweating, I feel like I am a whole new person who doesn’t have to be ashamed to shake someone’s hand or lift my arms in public.  My hands are completely dry, and my underarms are 90-95% sweat free.  I am amazed at the results and am so excited that I can now buy clothes I was afraid to buy before.

The compensatory sweating has shown up moderately to my back, stomach, and legs, but is very manageable and usually unnoticeable unless I am working out at the gym or am in the ninety degree heat for a while.  It is mild in comparison to the horrendous sweating problem I endured before.

Even though I experienced some pain due to prior scar tissue you had to work around to perform the procedure, it was100% worth the freedom I have now, and I was back to normal in a week.  You and your staff made me feel so comfortable with the procedure, and your checking in on me repeatedly after the procedure really gave me a sense you cared about my post-op recovery and put my mind at ease.  As far as I am concerned you are a “miracle worker”.  I only wish I had found you sooner!!

I would be willing to talk to anyone who is interested in this procedure.  I appreciated you supplying me with names of people to call prior to undergoing the procedure myself.  I did so, and it helped to reassure me that it was okay to come to California to meet with you.  Your office staff was incredible in answering any questions, and getting my insurance information squared away.

Thank you, Dr. Reisfeld, for giving me the opportunity to go out and live my life to the fullest now!  You have no idea what a boost this procedure has given my self-esteem and the freedom from embarrassment it has created.  I’d be happy to share my experience with future patients.


Amy T.

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