December 21, 2005

Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

Ever since I could remember, I’ve lived with sweaty hands and feet.  When I was about five years old, I felt I was the only one in the world with such a condition.  The sweating as I got older, got worse.  I no longer carried one tissue in my hands to absorb the sweat.  I needed more than tissues.  I needed a cure.  My hands started dripping profusely.  The sweating made life more complicated.  I was mortified by the normalities we take advantage of, such as shaking someone’s hands.  In school my class documents were wet from the sweat.  My condition made me at times withdrawn and embarrassed.  This is just  a little synopsis of what it was like living with hyperhidrosis until I found out about a cure and discovered your office.  I found out I was not the only one.  I was finally able to save enough money to have the procedure done, and came to you in September 2004, to have the ETS procedure done.  Needless to say, it worked, just as you said, and no side effects!  I am grateful, ecstatic, happier, focused, and confident because of you.  My confidence has shot up 150%, and I landed a job that doubled what I made before, and no more wet papers get turned in class!  For anyone out there who doubts ETS procedure, tell them to call me or email me right away agentjcarterAThotmailDOTcom! It really worked.  My hands no longer sweat and my feet as a bonus, has decreased at least 40%.  Thank you very, very much, I appreciate you, your staff and the work you do.

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