“This was truly a life changing experience”

Dear Dr Reisfeld,

My name is Jessica, tomorrow will be 3 weeks post ETS surgery with you for my hands. I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do and update you on my results. My hands have not sweat one drop since surgery, and I am the happiest girl in the world. My underarms don’t really sweat anymore either, which is great ( i can finally wear shirts other colors than black). My feet are probably 50% better than they were, and I am happy with it.

Never would have thought this would ever happen for me, so glad I found you on the web! In my opinion it was painful after surgery, low pain thresh hold I guess but I experienced more back pain than anything else. My back continued to ache for about a week but it was still worth it. I had one day in particular that I had bad chest pain and it worried me, but it was gone the next day. Currently I am experiencing some soreness in my chest, (breasts) and very sensitive, like almost numb. My assumption is from nerves. I am still short of breath, but that is getting better everyday. I exercise a lot so I can do more each time I push myself, I am just happy it doesn’t hurt to yawn or sneeze anymore. Just thought maybe you would like to hear how it affects each person. Overall, the whole trip was worth every penny. I don’t like to talk about my issue with people, but if the opportunity arises, I would most definitely send clients your way. This was truly a life changing experience, I am thankful everyday. Thank you! -Jessica

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