What is Acetyl Choline?
Acetyl Choline is a neurotransmitter (a messenger in laymen terms) that is a very active ingredient in the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic). As a neurotransmitter (messenger) it is the chemical structure that triggers sweat production. There are many other actions being caused by this neurotransmitter but this is not the place to talk about those. Most of the conservative measures to treat hyperhidrosis start with oral intake of anti-acetyl choline medications and hence the name anticholinergic agents ie Robinul, Propantheline, Ditropan. The success rate associated with these medications with moderate to severe cases of hyperhidrosis is extremely low. Having said that it is the first line of defense when someone tries to treat hyperhidrosis. Side effects such as blurry vision or dry mouth can happen but in the lower dosage range it’s very unusual. It should also be known that with time efficiency can go down because of the bodies built up resistance (anti bodies). As with any other oral medication if there is a need for higher dosages then one should be aware of the side effects. Consult your physician / pharmacist with regard to that.