After The Lumbar Sympathectomy Hyperhidrosis Procedure (ELS)

    Lumbar Sympathectomy

  • Pain
    You should expect a certain amount of pain. Generally speaking it is not that severe and is well controlled with oral medications that will be prescribed to you. Obviously the pain threshold is different between people but it is safe to say that tolerated well. One should expect the pain to decrease a few days after the operation.
  • Activity
    It is recommended that your physical activity be kept to a minimum for the first few days and then gradually increase to your normal day to day level. For strenuous physical activity (jogging, basketball, gym) one should listen to his/her body with regard to this type of activity. There are no rigid rules about it. No muscles have been cut in this operation so the healing process should be fast. For the first 2 to 3 days you should be careful in your movement from lying down to the standing position due to changes in the vascular bed which is the result of sympathectomy. It does not happen very often but one should be aware of it.
  • Incisions
    All incisions are closed with absorbable sutures. They are completely safe and have the benefit of the patient not having to see a doctor to take them out. They consist of chemical components that at times can cause some redness. This does not indicate an infection but merely the process in which the sutures are dissolved. At times the process of the sutures dissolving can bring a white spots on the incision which are not puss but instead the component of the suture. Simple cleaning with water is enough to clean the healing wound.
  • Shower / bath
    Shower or bath can be taken the day after the procedure. The band aids can be removed and new ones can be applied (your decision). Most of the time patients are comfortable with replacing their band aids for a few days. Use of soap or skin lotions are fine.
  • Food
    After Lumbar Sympathectomy normal food can be consumed. Regular heavy diet should be started after the patient is passing gas. Sometimes because of the fact that the operation is done in the proximity of the abdomen resumption of normal bowel activity might be delayed a day or two.
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