• Social Issues
    Inability to shake or hold hands which affects a major social norm in many societies ranging from business interactions to social relationships.
  • Interference with basic tasks such driving, opening doors, smearing paper when writing, using computers,
    laptop and electronic devices.
  • Difficulties in providing fingerprints in various scenarios such as law enforcement, immigration, teachers, medical (such as dental work).
  • In the younger age group lack of understanding about this issue causing many children to be outcasted or picked on by their peers.
  • Parents are preoccupied with their children’s problem, causing undue stress, so they often want to have a quick solution. See Young Age Hyperhidrosis
  • The daily affect on a person’s choice of clothing and shoes. For women the ability to wear high heels or open toe shoes (sandals) is greatly affected.
  • Inability for women and to a lesser degree men the ability to have something as simple manicure and or pedicure.

In summary hyperhidrosis often causes patients to develop social inhibitions. Their lives are altered because of this condition.