Eczema is a skin condition that includes itchy, dry and red skin which is caused by inflammation. The exact reason for the development of Eczema is not fully understood. Among the various factors that cause it one can look into genetics, abnormal function of the immune system, the environment, activities that cause the skin to be more sensitive, and defects in the skin barrier. As one can see these multiple possibilities are indicating that basically the real reason is unknown. A lot of patients pose the question to us about the connection between eczema and hyperhidrosis. Basically from our perspective the answer is no. The cycles of extreme wetness and then dryness may cause some eczema like skin conditions. Without the excessive sweat the symptoms would likely not be there but this does not mean the person has eczema. Eczema can be seen with hyperhidrosis as a coincidental finding but one should not confuse that as a connection between the two.