Even though the exact percentage of patients who suffer from exercise induced asthma that come for ETS is not really known a lot of questions have been raised if sympathectomy can worsen or improve that situation. Clinically, a mild case of exercise induced asthma is not worsened or improved by ETS. Clinical studies that were carried out to evaluate this situation have conflicting results. In some cases a there was a minimal decrease in the forced expiratory flow but in other studies this finding was not substantiated. This might not be true for cases with severe asthma but so far there were no studies done on patients with severe cases of asthma that underwent ETS.

It is recommended that patients with a history of severe asthma should consult with the surgeon as well with a pulmonary specialist in order to take all precautionary measures before proceeding with the procedure. As said at the beginning of this article mild cases of exercised induced asthma can be done without any long-term effects.

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