Something was different as soon as I woke up…

You were all amazing and I can not believe how incredible the results of the surgery feel. I had ELS done with Dr Reisfield after having a previous ELS surgery at another place that only obtained partial results. I was really scared to go ahead with the surgery since Dr Reisfield told me they may not be able to reach the nerves due to previous scar tissue. I decided to go through with it anyway and could tell something was different as soon as I woke up. My toes were completely warm and felt like the rest of my body which I can’t ever remember feeling. Even though it has only been a few short days this surgery has already been life changing. I was able to walk around with socks and shoes yesterday that I never could have worn before without one drop of sweat. Also there is absolutely no odor from my feet any more since the sweating stopped. I booked two outdoor trips with family and friends for this fall that I would not have taken if I still had this condition. I don’t know if there is any way for me to express how much this surgery has improved my life and made me able to do things I couldn’t do before. I am so grateful to Dr Reisfield and the staff, other doctors, and nurses for making this surgery successful and taking on my case and continually taking on my insurance to get the surgery approved.


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