“Thank you, thank you and thank you a million times”


I know you heard this a thousand times, but I can’t thank you enough for what you do. You changed my life 17 years ago when you performed ETS on me and cured my sweaty palms. What a relief that was! How much you improved my life in every aspect, physically and emotionally; I can’t even describe it! Ever since I was a child, even the simple act of writing was not easy because my hands would sweat to the point of dripping and would get my papers wet. Even holding a pencil was challenging. The results I got from ETS was %100 cure. And I recently found out you now do a similar surgery to cure sweaty feet which I also had.

I’ve been doing martial arts for five years now and I hope to become an instructor someday. Practicing martial arts will be a lifelong passion of mine and needless to say, you can imagine how having my feet sweat during training was holding me back. It was even hazardous since several times I have slid and fell because of my wet feet. Not to mention the daily suffering from it especially in hot weather. As soon as I found out you were performing ELS, I called your office. Sandra and Margo were so helpful from the point of my first call to set up an office visit with you through the whole process of working with my insurance to approve the surgery, and helping me with the necessary steps to the end. Now it’s been more than a month since ELS. I have warm dry feet. I now can use lotion on my feet which stopped the cracks and calluses on my heels. My surgery scars are healed and improving fast in appearance. I already notice an improvement in my martial arts performance, and I’m looking forward to summer time wearing sandals without that very bothersome feeling. I feel so lucky that you work in this field and help people like me. You improve our lives in ways we, at times, never imagined was possible.

Thank you, thank you and thank you a million times. Please let me know if any of your future patients need to talk to someone who’s had ETS and ELS. I’d be more than happy to share my experience with them.

Happy holidays to you and your staff!

Much love,
Elif Y

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