What is The Recovery Period After The Surgery?
For ETS, the recovery period is usually very short. After the hour-long operation, the patient spends about two hours in the recovery room and then goes home. Patients can return to their normal routine within a few days.

Temporary pain related to pressure in the chest can be felt by patients but will be mild to moderate in nature. It is dealt with through the use of oral painkillers. Physical activity is allowed but should be gradually introduced.

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Lumbar Sympathectomy
The lumbar sympathectomy operation has a longer recovery time. This does not mean the procedure presents any additional risks. Patients stay at the hospital or the surgical facility for about 2-3 hours and then they are released to go back to the hotel or residence.

The lumbar procedure is a far more demanding operation for the doctor and the patient, but the recovery has proven to be relatively easy. Overweight patients pose another degree of difficulty to the surgeon. Make sure you talk with the surgeon extensively about this procedure. Physical activity can be incorporated into the patient’s daily life gradually after the operation.

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In both procedures (ETS and ELS), the sutures are made from biodegradable material. There is no need for any specific wound care or removal of the sutures.

Axillary Suction Curretage
Axillary suction curretage, together with laser ablation armpit sweat treatment, involves less post-operative pain than the ETS and ELS procedures. There might be some swelling and fluid accumulation, which are temporary.

Patients typically leave the surgical center within a short time after the procedure. Wound care is minimal. Patients are able to return to their normal routines within a short time. Patients have to keep in mind that activities such as raising their arms above their head may pose some discomfort in the short term.

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Regardless of whatever procedure is done, recovery time is a very subjective issue. Some patients return to their normal life activities by the next day, while others will need more time to recuperate. Make sure always to have all of your questions answered by your physician. This will make your recovery smoother for everyone involved.