About 11 years ago (at 18 years old), I contacted Dr. Reisfeld for my sweaty palms. At the time, I was fighting my parents to be able to have the surgery and it was so nice to have an understanding ear from Dr. Reisfeld, who went as far as contacting my parents directly to explain the surgery to them. I was unable to travel to California to have my procedure done so he was very kind to give me a colleague’s number in NY. I had my ETS done on November 22, 2002 -my life has been infinitely better since that day.

Sweaty feet were still a problem, but that was only an issue for a few months a year so I managed, but as soon as I was able to afford a trip and the procedure in California, I contacted Dr. Reisfeld. He is so kind and so friendly. He answered all of my questions with great sensitivity and a sense of humor.

After the procedure, that was done on April 26, 2013, he called me regularly to make sure that I was ok. Everyone at the surgical center and at Dr. Reisfeld’s office have been absolutely wonderful definitely a testament to Dr. Reisfeld for creating that environment. I’m so glad that I went through this procedure. I can finally wear sandals and not dread the summer.

Thank you!


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