Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

December 19, 2008,

I wanted to let you know that since my surgery in October 2008 have feet have yet to sweat. My feet are so dry and it has truly been a blessing. I had thoracic surgery in 2002 in Florida. My hands don’t sweat but I do have compensatory sweating. The compensatory sweating occurs on my upper and lower back, between my breasts, groin area, and behind my knees. These are all minimal and sometimes moderate amount when its hot or when I’m working out. Since my lumbar surgery my compensatory sweating is about the same. The main differences are my groin area believe it or not is more minimal, but I do have minimal compensatory sweating behind my thighs now. The truth is that the trade off is completely worth it to me. I am able to wear whatever shoes I want. I can buy a beautiful dress and buy a beautiful pair of shoes, and not the shoes that are “ok” just because my feet will sweat. If I had to do it over again I would definitely do it. The surgery is life changing and I’m so blessed to have have a surgeon that is able to perform this procedure. The staff was also so wonderful in working with me all the way from Florida. Again thank you so much.


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