Allison ends her Excessive Sweating for good

Oct. 11, 2007

Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

The intent of this letter is two-fold: one is to thank you, Dr. Reisfeld and two is to have you share this letter with others who suffer from Hyperhidrosis and are considering ETS. Words cannot expression our appreciation for all you have done for our daughter, Allison. Without a doubt, you have significantly enhanced her life by your innovative and effective surgery for Hyperhidrosis.

As we have discussed, prior to Allison’s surgery, she was inhibited physically, socially and emotionally by her severe palmar, axillary and plantar Hyperhydrosis. Physically, she had difficulty holding a pencil, ruined Scantron tests, avoided raising her hand to participate in classroom discussions. From a social perspective, she experienced intense embarrassment from her need to hide her wet hands and sweaty armpits. And finally, emotionally, Allison spent considerable energy trying to mask her problem which hindered her from connecting closely in relationships. She dreaded having to attend school and church masses as she was embarrassed to hold her peers’ hands. Also, clothing choices were limited due to obvious color staining. All of which, from a teenage point of view, is humiliating.

Over the past several years, we have exhausted options to eradicate the Hyperhidrosis: topical medication, ionophoresis, acupuncture and herbal medicines. We were fortunate to hear of ETS from a friend who connected us with Dr. Reisfeld and his staff. From the initial contact with Dr. Reisfeld we were impressed. Pre-operatively, he communicated with us personally and directly to answer questions and review procedures. His staff, Sandra, Margo and Hilda handled the office details efficiently, competently and professionally. They were reassuring and a pleasure with whom to deal.

Our experience at Brotman Medical Center was equally as rewarding and satisfying. The staff was professional, helpful and caring. The day of surgery, at 5:30am, we were greeted by Sam, the Security Guard, who kindly assisted us. The pre-op nurse, Heidi, and the O.R. nurse of 39 years were reassuring, friendly and professional. We felt our daughter was in competent hands which was a tremendous relief.

Following the surgery, Dr. Reisfeld, called us twice at the hotel where we were staying and the following day as well. He also told us to contact him if we had any questions or problems. And in fact, we have called Dr. Reisfeld several times since the surgery and he is always available and responsive.
From the beginning of our experience with The Center for Hyperhydrosis, we were delighted with our daughter’s care. Allison’s life has been drastically enhanced since her surgery. She is more confident and is no longer burdened with the thoughts and embarrassment of Hyperhydrosis. Allison even joked about how much she raised her hand in class the other day, she said,”because… I CAN !”

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the entire staff, and especially the talent, kindness and skill of Dr. Reisfeld. The impact the Center of Hyperhidrosis has had on our daughter has been life-changing.

We are forever grateful,
Kristin and Bob

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