Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

How amazing it is to type this letter without leaving puddles on my computer keyboard. I suffered from hyperhidrosis since birth, and found myself constantly apologizing for my sweaty hands. At receptions, meetings, and events, I could always be found holding a cold drink or napkin in my right hand as a buffer for the shocked reaction others would have upon shaking my hand. Spending this past summer in an extraordinarily humid Washington, DC, became intolerable. I stashed piles of napkins in my purse to wipe my swollen, wet, freezing hands! I suffered from blisters and cuts where my sandals would slide and scrape my feet, and was forced to change my shirts often to hide the circles of sweat under my arms. I prayed that something could alleviate the discomfort and embarrassment associated with my condition. In my research, I came across your website and found out that there was a cure for hyperhidrosis, a condition that I knew very little about. I was first impressed with your published studies with high rates of positive results and the reversible clipping method, as well as the outpatient procedure. These factored in as major reasons in my decision to fly across the country to have you perform my surgery in October.

During our consultation, I was amazed that you were willing to devote your entire career to helping hyperhidrosis sufferers, although you never suffered personally from the condition. Your theory that the ETS procedure could be developed slowly in a clinical approach was impressive, and quelled any of my lingering fears immediately. I will never be able to completely relay how thankful I am to have mustered the courage to go through with this procedure. Because hyperhidrosis was something I had dealt with all of my life, I remained apprehensive, knowing the risks and possible side effects. My conversations with other patients helped me realize that I wasn’t alone! with these feelings, but while I could live with sweaty hands, they were a constant source of insecurity and awareness that most certainly affected my self-esteem.

After the surgery, the results were immediate. my hands were so warm and dry! The discomfort was much less than I expected, and I was able to have dinner at a friend’s home that same evening. Even now, my hands and underarms remain very dry, and my feet sweat infrequently. The compensatory seating is hardly noticeable, except when I am exercising.

In the months following the procedure, I spoke with many people about hyperhidrosis with the freedom to explain a condition I had kept hidden for so many years. I was amazed to hear (and feel) that others suffered similar problems, if not in the same intensity as I did. It was through this dialogue that I realized how important the knowledge and understanding of hyperhidrosis is for those who suffer from it. I also am beginning to believe that possibly more than one percent of our population suffers from this hidden condition. Because the conversation in itself is so important, I feel that an education-awareness! campaign could create the public forum necessary to bring this issue into the light, in turn making it much easier for sufferers to seek proper treatment. I know that my life has improved dramatically, and would like to help others achieve the same benefit.

In closing, I would like to again extend my gratitude to you for the wonderful gift you’ve given me, and thank your staff, who understood how emotional a change like this can be. I am so delighted to no longer worry about offering a clammy, soaked hand to complete strangers. I will be shaking many hands with many new people as I begin my new company, something I may not have had the courage to do before this treatment. Thank you again for providing this wonderful service and for this new personal opportunity for me to live life to its fullest.

With my very best,


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