Dear Dr. Reisfeld:

It has been seven months since I have received surgery from you. I am happy
to say that my hyperhidrosis has been successfully cured. My family pediatrician
diagnosed me with hyperhidrosis within the first year of life. My parents were
told that there was no cure for the disease and that available treatments were
not very successful. Growing up, my father continued to research and talk to
doctors about the condition. He found very little treatment for the disease
since it was not heavily researched. About 5 years ago I began to research
hyperhidrosis on my own. I found your website on the internet describing the
surgery that you perform and I decided to consult a local doctor for more information.
On March 5, 2003 I made an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Lau who works for Queens
hospital on Ohau, Hawaii. He told me that he and his partner were the only
physicians on the island who performed ETS surgery for hyperhidrosis. He proclaimed
that there were no other successful treatments for the condition other than
the ETS surgery. Dr. Lee had only performed approximately 10-20 ETS surgeries
at that time. Therefore, I decided to fly Los Angeles to seek your expertise
since you had performed over 2,000 surgeries.

Since my treatment my life has dramatically changed. I no longer sweat from
my hands and the sweat from my feet has also decreased tremendously. Your surgery
has improved my quality of life dramatically. Your surgery has enabled me wear
sandals where as prior to the surgery I was limited to wearing enclosed shoes.
I no longer need to change my socks 3 times a day. I find work much more enjoyable
because the children I teach no longer retract in fear of me touching them
with my sweaty hands. I can enjoy manicures and pedicures without fear of refusal
from businesses. I enjoy sports such as gymnastics, tennis, and golf due to
my newfound ability to grasp objects without difficulty. I even open twist
top containers all by myself.

Thank you Dr. Reisfeld for improving my quality of life. I appreciate your
research in this field and your dedication to your patients. I would recommend
this surgery to everyone who suffers from hyperhidrosis. I hope that all people
who struggle from this disease are awarded the opportunity to be cured by ETS
surgery. Please pass my name along to any other patients with questions regarding
this surgery.


Joanna C. N. Sutton

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