Dr. Reisfeld:

It has been a year (December 5, 2003) since I had you perform an ETS to alleviate
my hyperhidrosis. I am please to update you and let you know that I am 99.5%
cured. My hands stay dry nearly all the time; I get a very, very slight dampness
that is hardly noticeable if I drink too much caffeine. This success is particularly
remarkable given the prior remedies that I had tried and which had failed prior
to my ETS. My hyperhydrosis was particularly bad; since I was a child my hands
and feet would produce copious amounts of sweat such that I could easily soak
a half a roll of paper towels during the day. Prior to coming to you I tried
Drysol with little result and much discomfort during the night as my hands
were wrapped in latex gloves. I also tried oral doses of Robinul, which dried
out my throat more than my hands to the point I would easily become hoarse
during the day. I moved to iontopherisis which moderated my sweating somewhat
but which was hugely inconvenient having to do it every other day and if I
missed more than a week of treatment put me back to a zero starting point.
I tried BOTOX® Cosmetic, which was painful and expensive but which worked for about a
month at a time. Finally, I hit a combination of BOTOX® Cosmetic every four to six months
along with the every other day iontopheris water bath with a dissolved Robinul
pill in each tray which would mitigate my sweat output by about 90%. That combination
of treatments was punitively expensive, extremely painful (BOTOX® Cosmetic injections
every inch or so on my palms, fingers and fingertips and the iontopherisis
which stung if I had any cut or abrasion on my hands), and quite time consuming.
The ETS treatment was a welcome and permanent change. Now if you can come up
with a way to stop my feet from sweating! (I notice about a 25% to 50% reduction
in foot sweating since the ETS but it still somewhat bothersome). Your ETS
treatment is the most effective and lasting procedure I have tried. It has
changed my life and lifestyle.

Thank you.