James looks back on the pleasant encounter with doctor and staff

It has been over three weeks since you performed the hyperhidrosis surgery. I wanted sufficient time to elapse for my condition to stabilize so that I could share with you the outcome of the surgery. At this time I can honestly say that the surgery was a tremendous success. My hand sweating has decreased by 90%, and my axilla sweating has been reduced to zero. I can now, for the first time in years shake hands with people that I meet. My exam papers are no longer embarrassing pieces of wrinkled, moist sheets adorned with ink smudges from the moisture dripping from my palms. In fact the next day after surgery I shook hands confidently with everyone I met at a school gathering. My very next class presentation was completed without the torrential outpour of sweat rolling down my body from the axillae. I only had to wear a regular shirt, and not the three T-shirts and underarm shields and caked on aluminum containing deodorants as I had in the past. As trivial as it may seem to some, it was exciting for me to be able to hold my girlfriends hand for the first time, free of anxiety that she would feel uncomfortable with the palmar ocean of sweat that would inevitably result.

I would also like you to know that I was fully prepared by you, the staff, and the web site as to what to expect both before and after the operation. After the surgery I did well, but later that evening the internal chest pain and the pain at the incision sites did intensify to the extent that I had to use the Vicodin. The next day I experienced moderate discomfort and used at least three more doses of Vicodin. After that I no longer required the use of the pain medication. Just as you had warned me, four days after the surgery, while I was in class, I experienced a rebound sweating phenomenon in my hands. I panicked, believing that the surgery was a failure. However, over the next few days the sweating decreased to the point now that I am quite pleased. I did experience some compensatory sweating in the lower body but this was expected and has not been a real problem.

Finally, Dr. Reisfeld, I would like to compliment you and the staff for the most pleasant encounter with a medical organization that I have ever had. From the time that I first contacted you via the internet, the phone calls, the preop visit, and the day of the surgery, I encountered the most friendly, courteous, helpful people that I have known. From the office secretary to the radiology technician, I was made to feel so at ease, so that I knew from the outset that I was in good hands. Dr. Reisfeld, I was particularly impressed by your concern for my condition after the surgery, which was demonstrated by check-up calls on that day and the day after as well. My sincere thanks and praise go out to you and all of your staff for helping me through this ordeal. I especially thank Yaninia, Dr. Sheikh, and Jerry by name, since they were involved with my surgery.

Once again, thank you Dr. Reisfeld for your superior surgical skills and genuine caring. I would be happy to be added to the list of your patient references. I would be pleased to talk to anyone anticipating having this procedure.

Sincerely yours,

James Griffin

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