Dear Dr. Reisfeld

I really want to thank you for helping me solve a problem that I have had to deal with my whole life. I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to be able to shake people’s hands, get change from a cashier, etc without having to worry about sweaty hands.

You are one of the most caring doctors that I have ever met. You made me feel comfortable and safe. After my surgery, you called three times at my hotel to make sure that I was feeling ok (you did such a good job on the surgery that I was in very little pain). It really shows the kind of doctor you are, making sure to take the time to double check how I was feeling. You not only have the skilled technique, but you have the caring, compassion for your patients that so many doctors lack.

I also wanted to thank Dr.Schiek, the anesthesiologist. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease about the whole procedure. He was very caring and made sure to take the time to calm nerves.

Both of your are wonderful doctors and made my whole experience as smooth as it could be. The whole Hyperhidrosis center was wonderful. Claudia and Margaret were so helpful in scheduling and dealing with my insurance company. After surgery all the nurses, especially Yamina were friendly and warm.

It is so nice to finally find a real solution to my problem. I was tired of dealing with creams, BOTOX® Cosmetic, dryonic machines etc. that all failed me in my attempt to solve my hyperhidrosis. I am so glad that I found all of you at the center for hyperhidrosis. Each time I shake someone’s hand I will remember all of you.

Thank you

Lena Furmark

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