I wanted to write this letter in sincere appreciation for the part you played in the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my sympathectomy. It has been almost three years and I am still over the moon about my results.

I had been researching this procedure for a long time and was always afraid that the side affects might outweigh the sweaty hands and feet that I spent my entire life coping with. I touched upon your website many times in the last couple of years as I was becoming more and more fed up with my Hyperhidrosis. While reading the online testimonials of your former patients I was surprised to find my eyes starting to well up with tears. It was like hearing for the first time that I wasn’t the only one, and there might be something out there for me. I finally got up the courage to email your office and Dr. Reisfeld called me at home the next day. It seemed like my list of questions was endless but I appreciated that he answered them all over the phone. Dr. Reisfeld was very direct about the procedure along with its benefits and possible problems. That conversation alleviated some of my uncertainties and pushed me forward. I spoke with Sandra many times; she and others on your staff were beyond helpful. The packet sent to me included over 600 references for the procedure which was the most helpful in making my final decision. I contacted 15 people who had gone through the procedure with you over the years and it was a 100% satisfaction rate. Everyone I spoke with was very helpful and giving with their information. I got a very good idea of what to expect, side effects included. Having Hyperhidrosis can be lonely and sometimes you feel like the only one in the world to be cursed with the condition. Talking to the people on your list made me know that I wasn’t alone and that this procedure was the answer that I had been wishing for all my life (35 years at that time). I wanted to let you know that out of everything, the referral sheet was the best information resource for me. Feel free to put my name on the top of the list!

(Please note, due to new HIPAA privacy laws we are currently not providing the extensive reference packets, we will however continue to post testimonials.)

Currently, I have no sweating on my hands…none. My feet are at least 80% improved and my armpits are dry as well. I do get a little compensatory sweating on my thighs and torso when I am really hot or nervous, but it is nothing compared to what I used to have on my hands and feet. I also have a spot about 5 inches in diameter located between my shoulder blades that gets tacky sometimes for no reason, but I say “so what?” I am glad to have those minor issues in exchange for being able to shake someone’s hand without anxiety. Now I keep napkins in my desk and car for spills only! I cannot say enough for what Dr. Reisfeld has done for my self esteem. I am much more confident and I actually enjoy meeting new people and shaking their hands. I don’t know how Dr. Reisfeld came to this calling, but I am grateful that he did. I live in Maryland, and after much research, I flew to California to have my procedure performed by the best in the field. You can imagine my surprise when I called the office for the first time and heard “Center for Hyperhidrosis”… who knew! I appreciate all of the follow-up from Dr. Reisfeld and his willingness to answer any of my questions or concerns, both before and after the procedure.

I am now much more confident and happy in my own skin thanks to Dr. Reisfeld. I gladly give your staff permission to supply my phone number or email to anyone who is researching this wonderful procedure for themselves.

Thanks again!

Michelle C

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