Dr. Reisfeld:

It has been almost three weeks since I had the surgery done and I could not
be more grateful. There are no words to express the gratitude I have for
you for
what you have given to me. Now that I have returned back home, there are
times that I feel like a brand new person and am excited for what I have
ahead of
me that I feel happier and all rejuvated.

Ever since I can remember I would always wish for one single thing…for
my sweaty hands and feet to go away. Whether it was the "first star" or a dandelion,
or when blowing out my birthday candles, I would always wish for that one unachievable
wish, or so I thought it was unachievable. I began to give up and figured that
I would have to live with this condition for forever. Thanks to you, my only
wish in the entire word, that I thought was not humanly possible, has come true.


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