Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

I really appreciate the great job you did on my surgery this past January. Last month I got married, and everything went really well. My neck only turned red a few times throughout the day. Those times were when I walked down the aisle at church, when we cut the cake at the reception, during the first dance, and the garter toss – basically, just the times when I could see everyone staring at me. And the degree to which the redness came, was not nearly as bad as it had been in the past. Enclosed are a few of my online proofs…

Prior to having the surgery, the splotchy redness used to go all the way up to my cheeks, where as now it usually stays below the collarbone, if it comes at all. I was excited to be able to pick out a scoop-necked dress, instead of a high-collared one. Feel free to use my pictures as an example or have people call me for testimonials.



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