Dear Dr. Reisfeld:

This is Murdo Mackenzie one of your former patients. You may recall I was the patient who had 5 doctors in the family who were all very apprehensive about the procedure, especially my father. I thought I’d drop a line and say hello. I know that many other former patients probably have little contact after being “set free” from that terrible condition known as Hyperhidrosis.

It has been over 4 years now since having the ETS procedure (Monday April 6 1998 to be exact). After living with Hyperhydrosis for 30 years it has definitely molded my personality in many ways, however the challenge of being “social” and “handshaking” is much easier than living with drenched hands day in and day out. I now live in Hollywood, FL for almost the past 4 years and the hands are still dry!. I sincerely hope you are in good health.

Kind regards,
Murdo Mackenzie
Hollywood, FL

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