Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

It has been about one year since I had the surgery done for my sweaty palms. This surgery changed my life and I am very happy on the results. Not having sweaty palms has changed my life in many ways. Now when I meet people I don’t have to worry about my hands being sweaty, or if I am going on a date I now have the confidence to hold her hand and not have to worry about my hands dripping with sweat. I am studying computer graphics in college right now. Before the surgery it was difficult working the computers because my hands were so sweaty. It is nice not having the mouse pad and keyboard dripping with sweat. Now my college work is much easier.

I hardly have any side effects from the surgery. The only thing that I have realized that is different after the surgery is that my chest sweats more, which is not a problem for me. My face also sweats a little when I eat spicy foods, but that too is not a problem. All in all, I am very happy with the surgery you did. You changed my life forever.


Frank V

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