Dr. Reisfeld and staff:

The results of my surgery are fantastic. It is so wonderful to not have to
worry about shaking someones hand or wonder if I have sweat stains under my
armpits. I love the fact that I can wear cotton and other materials without
having to worry about sweat stains. I can also wear more colors now besides
dark ones. My feet still sweat a little but not as much and not as often as
they used to. I don’t get very much compensatory sweating, which is very

It took me about a month to fully recover from the surgery, to the point
when I was comfortable with exercising again. It only took about one week
for the uncomfortableness in my chest area to go away. The cuts are really
small and are mostly healed. I’m sure they will not scar very much because
I have fair skin and they are so small.

Deciding to get surgery was not very hard for me because I wanted this
problem gone so that I could live my life, but it was still scary. You all
were really nice to me and helped me to not be so afraid and you told me
everything I needed to about recovery and side-effects, which was really
reassuring. I remember lying on the operating table and wondering if i had
made the right decision to get surgery, but following the procedure, when my
hands were not dripping with sweat when normally they would be, I knew that
my decision was a good one.

I can’t thank you all enough for being so helpful and nice to me and helping
me go through an important part of my life.


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