Dr. ReisfelMeet my hero! This picture was taken this morning after a surgery I had for a genetic disorder called hyperhidrosis. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing surgeon and have a successful surgery. Today I have overcame this genetic disorder after 10 grueling years of this condition. This is a rare disorder with only 5% of the population as carriers and only 1-3% affected. This has affected my life socially, physically, and mentally. It has made relationships, social situation, and everyday routines much harder. I have never felt happier, braver, and more confident.

If anyone knows of anyone with this disorder please let them know there is hope! I am so thankful for Dr. Reisfeld and the surgical center at Beverly Hills and for my family and friends that have gave me all their support. I am also very thankful to have such a wonderful sister that has taken great care of me during my recovery.

September, 2014

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  1. Shannon B.  June 19, 2017

    Hi I am wondering if there is a surgery that is possible for cranial hyperhidrosis. I have read a lot here about treatment options for the hands, feet and armpits but I haven’t read anything about treatment for the head and face. It is ruining my life. It is so bad I can ring out my hair at times. I am 39 and have been dealing with this for about the last ten years. I can’t do it anymore. Please help.

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  June 19, 2017

      As you read on my site I do not recommend ETS for cranio-facial hyperhidrosis. As we gained more experience over the last 20 years it has been the experience that doing this operation will cause more compensatory sweating after the operation. The only approach I use is oral medications.You can discuss with your own MD the use of anti cholinergic medications. Thanks

  2. Cynthia  April 17, 2017

    I have the same problem ☹️ How much the procedure would cost?

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  April 17, 2017

      Hi Cynthia. All questions about the costs of the hyperhidrosis treatment(s) will be answered by the office after a medical evaluation of the patient is being done by the surgeon.

      The medical necessity should be established before any final decision id made. Thanks

      • Aliya  April 23, 2018

        Hi i am in europe and i need to make the surgery what shall i do do you have another medical centre in europe.

        • Center For Hyperhidrosis  April 24, 2018

          Hi Aliya. I`m sure that there are hyperhidrosis surgical centers who are performing the ETS procedures in Europe. Try to find them in a place close to you. Thanks.

  3. maria nilovil abasola  May 29, 2015

    Since my childhood i had this sweaty hands and feet 24 years of sacrifice i dont know what will be the good medicine to take, to stop this.

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  May 29, 2015

      Generally speaking the conservative/alternative methods such as pills,lotions or electric devices do not help in the severe cases. You should try them at least for about 10 days and see if thereis any help. Surgery is the only method to deal with excessive hands and feet sweating.Thanks

  4. Dario Davis  March 31, 2015

    Is Beverly Hills the only location available in the U.S I need to schedule and appointment?

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  March 31, 2015

      The ETS operation that is being done by the most experienced team in the world is done in Beverly Hills California.

  5. marie cris  March 12, 2015

    i also suffered from hyperhidrosis since i was 5 years old..i’m already 36 years old..i already tried botox but to no avail..pls help me…it has affected my emotional and social life so badly…

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  March 12, 2015

      Botox is not approved by the FDA for the treatment of Palmar or Plantar hyperhidrosis. There are some other conservative measures that you can try. If you tried and got no help than the ETS is the best way to get a long standing solution for your problem.

  6. fasa  February 19, 2015

    Hi,i am fasa from srilanka…i suffer in this hyperhidrosis in my palm and feet very badly…please let me know are there anu treatment for this to cure completely??please i beg….

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  February 19, 2015

      I have no idea who is performing the operations for excessive hands and feet sweating in your country. Thanks

  7. Anonymous  February 16, 2015

    Hello, I suffer with the same problem ; hands feet and armpits and its the worst… I just want to know what is the youngest age you can operate on and how much the procedures would cost? And if there are any near Massachusetts? If you could email me that would be wonderful

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  February 16, 2015

      The youngest age I perform the operation for sweaty hands,arm pits and feet is 14. I`m not familiar with surgeons at that part of the USA. You can call our office at 310 557 3037. thanks.

  8. Adriana Morales  November 8, 2014

    Wow that story is amazing!! Sounds like my story almost. I have the same condition and it seems to be getting worse. I the most uncomfortable feeling to have where I can’t even wear sandals because my feet sweat so much it embarrassing. My face, hands, ampits, and feet sweat the most. Sometimes I can’t even wear makeup cause of the sever sweating from my nose and eyebrows and upper lip. I just want to be normal.

    • Manager  November 9, 2014

      Thanks Adriana, hopefully you have tried some conservative measures to help with your excessive sweating. If those measures fail then always the possibility of the surgical intervention exists. If you need more information feel free to call us at (310) 557-3037.

    • Divya Tewari  January 29, 2015

      Hi ,
      Even I am suffering from this excessive sweating since childhood & its getting worse. I feel cold in winters coz of heavy sweating which makes all my clothes wet. Vant write without using a towe, Dont use make up, always have to carry hankerchief, whicxh is more important than carrying my wallet. Cant feel confident in shaking hands. So embarassing situation it is. Pls let me know if there is any cure as i am really fed up of my life coz of this. I Live in Delhi, India.

      • Center For Hyperhidrosis  January 29, 2015

        I`m sure that there are surgeons in India who are familiar with the surgical treatment of excessive hands and feet sweating(Palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis) Obviously you should try some conservative treatment options before you make a decision. You should search more in your country who is there and look for help.


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