Negative Impact of severe hyperhidrosis

There are a few aspects that are being negatively influenced by severe cases of hyperhidrosis. Patients can become, in a negative way, very aware of this physical issue by avoiding full social interaction with people in their lives (family, friends, co-workers, relationship partners). Especially for the younger age group this can cause rejection by others.


Hyperhidrosis can have a very negative impact on people’s close relationships. Both men and women are fearful of intimacy because of what they consider a very embarrassing sweating problem. This often times interferes with people’s willingness to enter into relationships. Those who have the procedure report to us how liberated they feel socially after moving beyond the embarrassing situation.


Professionally certain tasks which are now the hallmark of life such as computers, phones and essentially numerous electronic devices are severely affected. Anything involving your fingerprint can also be affected (electronic fingerprint access for example). Any profession with common social interactions such as shaking hands can be a big problem.

Affects and dangers of using hands or feet

Patients often report their inability to hold pens, pencils and or papers due to the severe wetness. In terms of danger there is a danger of slipping and falling due to sweaty feet.