Night Sweating:
A certain amount of people describe or ask about their night sweating. They wake up in the morning and their hair is soaked and their pillow is wet. This is not a type of focal hyperhidrosis that can be treated with any surgery. Mostly these questions come from the more mature age group but from time to time those questions are posed by younger patients. In the younger age group obesity is a factor as well as some underlying diseases such as diabetes or thyroid problems which should be investigated by the primary care physician.

The exact cause of night sweating is unknown at it can be a normal variant in a certain population group. Underlying anxiety could also contribute to this problem or certain dietary habits.

A small percentage of patients (1-2%) will report excessive night sweating after ETS. In most of the cases this is a temporary situation where the patient is experiencing excessive night sweating for which the reason is still unknown. Luckily this night sweating is on a temporary basis and most likely has to do with thermal regulation. This situation is self-limiting and of those who complained about it none reported long term effects.

Do you experience night sweating? What have you tried to deal with this?