January 3, 2007

I finally got the time to write you to you. I just wanted to thank you so very much for performing the ETS procedure on me, back in the month of August. So far it has been six months and it has truly changed my life. I am no longer embarrassed to shake people’s hands or holding my baby in my arms without getting her all wet , or writing with a pen without sweating all over the place or having my oldest son not wanting to hold my hands as we cross the street . It is really amazing how much my life has been changed for the better. I should have looked into having this procedure done a long time ago. But it’s better late than never.

I just truly love having sweat – free hands! I not only love my dry hands, but I love my dry feet and armpits as well. In the summer I was able to wear sandals and even flip-flops.! I just can’t believe how well my body has responded to the procedure. In the summer I did have quite a heavy case of compensatory back and chest sweating, but in the fall and winter, so far, it has been much, much better. Nothing I can’t handle. If it takes a few months of back and chest sweating in the summer the ETS procedure is definitely worth it. Also, I keep putting lotion in my dry hands, something I had never done before.

I have to tell you about the funniest thing that’s happened to me since I had the procedure done. As I was getting fitted for a new bra, the lady that was helping me get fitted kept looking at the scares I have on the side of my body as well as on the bottom of my breast. I could tell that she had a strange look on her face, maybe wondering “what kind of a surgery “I had gotten done. So I said “Yes, those are minor scars from a procedure I had done “and she just said. “yes, I wanted to tell you that they didn’t look like your doctor did a good job with you breast augmentation .” I laughed to almost the point of crying since I haven’t had a “boob job” and breastfed three children until each of them were 13 months. After that I kept laughing, told her I hadn’t had a boob job but that I had the ETS procedure to cure sweaty hands. Needless to say, she was a bit embarrassed, I just laughed it off.

Anyway, I hope you and your staffs have a wonderful and healthy 2007 and thank you so much for changing my life for the better. You and your staff were amazing and just can’t say enough good things about all of you.

Feel free to contact me or give may name to anyone that might need more personal information on the ETS procedure done on a 35-year old, wife and mother of three from Sacramento, California.

With sincere gratitude,


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