Disqualifications For Hyperhidrosis Surgery

You are not a candidate for the procedure if you suffer from severe cardio-respiratory illness, pleural disease, or untreated thyroid diseases. Dr. Reisfeld takes the time to personally communicate with people and determine if the surgery is right for them after reviewing their unique situation.

The benefit to this is that you speak directly with Dr. Reisfeld who is an expert in the field, as opposed to staff or personnel who are not.

There are absolute and relative contraindications for this surgery. An absolute contraindication is a situation where no surgical treatment should be attempted. One example is morbid obesity. Excessive weight to height ratio is not only dangerous to the patient but also makes the operation very difficult to perform because of the excessive amount of fat stored within the chest cavity.

There are other examples, such as extensive previous thoracic surgeries. Relative contraindications necessitate a very careful and thorough discussion with the surgeon about previous surgeries before moving forward.

Previous cardiac surgery and previous corrections of certain chest wall deformities are situations when a patient should be aware that the physician may choose not to move forward with the procedure. Such cases that moved forward resulted in successful procedures.

Are There Cases Where Surgery Cannot be Done?

In certain cases, some old scarring can prevent the physician from performing the operation in a safe manner. This type of scarring can be the result of previous pneumonia that was not necessarily clinically obvious.

Chest Trauma can result in internal scarring (adhesions) that can complicate the procedure. Some very unusual anatomical abnormalities can also prevent doing the operation safely. This happens in extremely rare cases.

Call or visit us to discuss your situation directly with Dr. Reisfeld.