What is Primary vs. Secondary Hyperhidrosis?

There might be some confusion when patients hear the terms secondary and primary hyperhidrosis. The term secondary hyperhidrosis denotes a situation where another disease is causing excessive sweating. Diseases like hyperthyroidism, infection, and certain malignant ailments are the primary source of the problem. Once the cause is identified, it can be treated accordingly.

In primary hyperhidrosis, the sole reason for excessive sweating is not related to any other ailment. Instead, it is caused by the genetic disposition that enables hyperhidrosis. It is also important to note that in primary hyperhidrosis cases, the sweating is limited to the palms of the hands and the feet.

Primary hyperhidrosis can also be accompanied by excessive armpit sweating and facial sweating. The surgical treatment for isolated facial hyperhidrosis or axillary hyperhidrosis is still questionable. Therefore, conservative treatments are the primary approach for situations like these.