What are the Psychological Effects of Living With Hyperhidrosis?

Even though hyperhidrosis is a physiological problem and not a psychological one, patients who suffer from excessive hand sweating are confronted with a variety of social issues. Their ability to engage in simple handshakes and introduce themselves to new people are hampered by this condition.

This causes introversion and results in the person being labeled as a recluse. Other daily activities such as computer use, writing on paper, driving, and use of electronics can be challenging. One issue that we hear repeatedly is the inability to physically interact with loved ones.

Patients are often embarrassed by their condition. Comments like “I never was able to fully develop to the best of my ability” are commonly repeated to us. In order to help in these situations, the patient should first understand this condition and realize that it is something most likely caused by genetics.

The first step is to understand the problem. Second is to try some of the alternative hyperhidrosis treatments. Third, if there is no improvement, then the surgical approach will be considered after a thorough review is carried out with the appropriate medical professionals.

Please keep in mind that hyperhidrosis affects different patients in different ways. Make sure to consult your physician before making any treatment decisions.

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