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If after much careful consideration and discussion the patient decides to reverse the ELS procedure it is possible only if the procedure was done with the clamping method. Dr. Reisfeld only uses the clamping method. To date patients have been happy with the procedure and less than .02% have gone through with a reversal.

Keep in mind that going back into the retro peritoneal space, where the lumbar sympathetic chain runs, is extremely difficult. The reason for this difficulty lies in the fact that ELS was done in a place where the space was created artificially by the surgeon. The scar tissue from the initial ELS surgery can be very difficult to penetrate in order to get to and remove the clamps. It’s not to say that this can’t be attempted, but it is challenging.

A patient who wishes to have the clamps removed should bear in mind that their safety is always going to be the number one consideration. If the procedure cannot be done in a way that ensures the patients complete safety it might have to be aborted. Since ELS is a newer procedure in the field of sympathetic surgery so no reversal operations have been carried out with nerve grafts.

From the small subset group of patients who initially underwent ELS without ETS for their sweaty hands it was noted that for a short period of time after the ELS they develop compensatory sweating in the upper parts of the body. This compensatory sweating subsided a short time later.

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