Getting Married in July looking forward to Sandals

I would like to share with you the success of my Lumbar Sympathectomy. I had the surgery on March 29,2011. I am 42 years old and have suffered with entire body sweating since I was 10 years old. I had hand sweating surgery 13 years ago by Dr. Reisfeld and had fantistic results. It cured not only my hand sweating, but also my face, arms, and shoulder sweating as well. The lumbar sympathectomy is designed to cure sweating of the feet only. But I had better than expected results. My legs, groin, and rear end also had problems with heavy sweating. But no longer.

It has been close to 3 weeks since the sugery and have I found my legs, groin, and rear end no longer sweat heavily. Ever since I was a child, I could remember leaving a sweat mark on the seat in which I would sit. I just sat in a meeting yesterday and left NO wet sweat mark. My feet of course no longer sweat. My shoes dont smell, my socks are dry, and most amazingly my underware is also dry. My underware has always been wet from sweat. I can not be happier with the results. Thank you Dr. Reisfeld for all you do in helping people that suffer like I do. I am getting married this July and look forward to wearing sandals all day and going to sleep with no socks on without feeling uncomfortable or self conscious. Thank you again. My insurance was also reluctant with covering this procedure. But thanks to Margo the billing specialist, which worked for several months with my insurance reps, the insurance issue was resolved. Thank you also Margo for all your help. Please Margo forward this letter to Dr. Reisfeld and feel free to share this letter along with my name and address to any patient. I can not thank you enough for all your help. You have once again improved my quality of life significantly.

Thank you all.


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