“walk in my high heels feeling confident & clean”


I was born with severe sweaty hands and feet. Approximately 15 years ago I had surgery to treat my sweaty hands, and it was like a dream come true. Unfortunately, at this same time I was told there was no safe surgical methods for the feet. Over many frustrating years of researching for a treatment, I started to lose hope that a safe effective treatment would be developed before my lifetime. Without exaggeration, the symptoms for both my hands and feet was the most severe case treated according to the doctor that treated me 15 years ago for my sweaty hands. He was amazed at the amount of sweat puddling on the floor during this initial visit that he had to call his nurse into observe for herself.

Three years ago I gave birth to my daughter and almost immediately I realized she inherited the same sweaty hands and feet traits from me. I knew the difficulties she would face both physically and emotionally with this condition. So naturally, like any concerned parent would do, I started to research again with the hope that there might have been some advances in the medical world since I last looked. While researching, I came across Dr. Reisfeld who was one of two or three physicians’ worldwide performing plantar hyperhidrosis surgeries with a high rate of success. I quickly consulted with him and soon thereafter I underwent surgery.

For me, instantly after the surgery, I could feel the difference on my feet. They were not sweaty and it was like a miracle!!! Recovery was quick and I was back to work in a few days. It has been over a year and I couldn’t be happier. I am able to walk in my high heels feeling confident and clean. I don’t have to worry when I take off my shoes in the house. I get to enjoy a horror movie without wrapping my feet with a couple of towels.

My quality of life has been forever enhanced thanks to Dr. Reisfeld. It also give me peace of mind that someday when my daughter’s hands and feet are impairing her normal daily activities that treatment is available.

Stephanie H

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