“Finding Dr. Reisfeld was a miracle…”


Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

My surgery was performed in December of 2008. Before surgery, my feet literally never stopped sweating. Ever. I had to wear socks 24/7, and went through several pairs a day. It was embarrassing, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. It held me back from pursuing certain sports, activities, and jobs. I could not even do something as simple as go to the beach without extreme discomfort. Finding Dr. Reisfeld was a miracle. He made the entire process simple and easy, from the consultation to the actual surgery. My feet are about 80% better, and only experience extra sweating if it’s very hot out, or I’m extremely nervous, which was expected and totally tolerable, especially when compared to what they were like before. Beyond the successful outcome of the surgery, Dr. Reisfeld has always been extremely professional and has always answered all my questions quickly and compassionately. This surgery changed my life, and I am so grateful!


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