Is Hyperhidrosis Surgery Right For Me?

This is a very difficult question to answer since we do not have any way to measure the severity of hyperhidrosis. Unfortunately, there are no x-rays, blood tests, or any other objective means by which to determine if a patient is the ideal candidate.

Through discussions that Dr. Reisfeld conducts with the patient, a clinical decision can be made based on several key factors. Every case is unique, which is why Dr. Reisfeld takes time to thoroughly assess each and every case before making clinical decisions.

Since hyperhidrosis is subjective, it affects each person differently. Like any other medical problem, the impact or gravity of the situation affects each patient in a different way. Those with moderate to severe cases of hyperhidrosis suffer enough to persuade them to look for a solution.

As we emphasize within this website, the first step in the process is to talk with someone who understands hyperhidrosis and the available options. From here. you can try some conservative measures first. If conservative measures do not show any signs of helping, then a surgical approach may be necessary.

Any clinical evaluation should be done by the surgeon, even if it is done via telephone. This is a necessary step on the road to recovery. After the clinical evaluation, the next steps include securing insurance coverage, payment, etc.

Patients should receive an evaluation by Dr. Reisfeld before other steps are taken. Dr. Reisfeld is an authority on the topic of hyperhidrosis. He performs an expert evaluation to determine if the surgery is right for you.