Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

Hi Dr. Reisfeld,
I just want to thank you very much for performing the surgery on Amy. All the way home from LA, Amy kept reaching over and touching my arm, showing me her dry and warm hands. I had not realized until that day, I had never felt anything but cold hands on my baby.

Amy has been wearing mostly white shirts through the last several years of middle school and high school, so the sweat marks don’t show. If she wears darker clothing, she always wore a jacket. Yesterday, she wore a dark shirt, as we went shopping. She kept asking me if I saw any wet marks under her arms. I did not. She was so excited, and we then went out and bought several colored shirts for her.

Now to her feet. Her toes and feet have always been red, sweaty, and prone to warts. She sees a podiatrist regularly for the warts, which were caused by the dampness. Even though open shoes such as flip flops are the rave for teenagers, she usually wore closed toe shoes due to embarrassment. We were quite surprised because not only have her feet been dry, but the redness has now left. Last night, her and I went out and had pedicures.

Since this surgery, Amy has shared with me some sad stories. If we had only known how badly hyperhidrosis was for her, we would have had come to you earlier. Last winter, she went to the Winter Ball with a friend (boy), and a large group of friends. Half way through the evening, she called and said that she didn’t feel well and wanted to come home. We brought her home. Yesterday, Amy told me that she was so embarrassed because her hands were dripping wet, and her feet (she had sandals on) were red and kept slipping out of her shoes. I felt so bad for her.

She plans to write you in a month or two to tell you how she feels about the surgery. She would also like to be available to be called, believing that she would be a good contact for other teens.

Today we saw her psychiatrist, and he was very excited to hear about the procedure. Even though we do not believe that hyperhidrosis caused Amy’s severe depression, we do believe that it certainly didn’t help it. The psychiatrist, Amy, my husband, and I do believe that now that she has had this surgery, her depression will most likely improve. Actually, we have already seen an immense improvement since returning home on Tuesday night.

I apologize for making this email so long, but I was so excited to share this with you and to tell you thank you. I have been emotional and near tears since Tuesday, just because I am so happy for my daughter that she will no longer have to suffer with this terribly embarrassing condition. Thank you also for the several phone calls to us following the surgery.

With utmost gratitude,
J .O.

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