What is The Age Range Where Patients Can Receive the Sweaty Feet Procedure?

The age range for performing ELS is not yet defined. The body’s physical development, as well as the patient’s mental development, are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration.

The procedure has only been done since about 2005, and there is a need for more information before a proper range can be set. A personal approach should be applied to each case, which makes it important to discuss the unique situation with the surgeon prior to the operation.

It is a known fact that maturation of the sweat glands in the feet can cause excessive feet sweating (plantar hyperhidrosis). This condition happens later in life, usually in the early 20’s. Some younger patients in their teens will also showcase excessive feet sweating on the same level as their hand sweating.

One must keep in mind that the two operations cannot be performed at the same time. We recommend the ETS surgery first, even if the patient insists that both conditions are equally excessive.

There are some cases in which ETS relieved some of the patient’s foot sweating in the beginning, but it is not a guarantee that the reduction will stay for the long-term. As a rule, we wait at least 4 months between the two operations to be certain, at which point we will consider the second operation.

It is recommended that you contact Dr. Reisfeld for a more precise assessment. Every case is unique. Please see our section on younger age hyperhidrosis.