What Does T-Level Mean?

The “T” level refers to the corresponding thoracic vertebra level where the sympathectomy occurs. This relates to the rib level. There are some surgeons who use the letter R (R for Rib) to describe the location of the sympathectomy.

Very few surgeons use the letter G to describe the ganglion. Performing the sympathectomy with a clamping method allows the surgeon to locate the exact level. If no clamps are used then it is difficult to ascertain the exact level of the procedure.

It gives the surgeon a way to follow-up. Dr. Reisfeld carefully documents each case to the exact location of where the clamps were applied during ETS.

For lumbar sympathectomy the “L” level corresponds to the level of the lumbar vertebra where the lumbar sympathetic nerve was clamped. Learn more about the lumbar sympathectomy level.