May 13, 2001

My name is Suzanne Kulaga. It has been now a year and a half since my surgery
for hyperhidrosis. I wanted to follow up on my success story to show people
the effects of the surgery a while after the fact. I had my surgery on April
16, 1999. I was a Junior in High School and my sweaty palms were really
taking it’s toll. The sweating problem was having such a negative effect on
my life. I couldn’t take tests, or shake people’s hands. I just wound up
keeping my hands in my sleeves. It was a total embarrassment and it took it’s
toll on my confidence. It even caused some medical problems such as warts on
my hands that caused several visits to the doctor to cure.

I went through many treatments to try to cure my sweating problem. I tried a liquid that I
can’t remember the name, then Drionic, which was a machine that sent small
electric volts into my hands. I then tried medication called Robinul that
dried my entire body and caused several medical conditions which were
unhealthy. My dermatologist did not know of any other treatment until one of
his other patients came in and told him of a surgery that she had. He then
called me and gave me her name and number. My mother called her and got all
the information and that is when we contacted Dr. Reisfeld’s office. He then
called me a couple of days later and told me of the details of the surgery
and took some information from me. I can still remember the ease I felt after
talking with Dr. Reisfeld. I was so excited to get to Los Angeles and get
the surgery done.

When I got there, we met with Dr. Reisfeld and spoke in person about what to happen. I felt so comfortable around him and any worries or doubts about the surgery were put to rest. Finally the time had
come for the surgery. There was one moment prior to the surgery that I can
remember vividly. When they were putting the anesthetics into my body I can
remember feeling so agitated that I almost pulled the needles out of my arm.
I now know that it was only the drugs beginning to work. That was the only
abnormal thing about the surgery, those thirty seconds. The last thing I
remember was laying on the table and the nurses putting the iodine under my
arms. When I woke up, my mother was right there which was comforting. I was
very drowsy, so I slipped in and out. Finally, when I woke up, the nurses
gave me liquids and something to eat. They were all very friendly. They gave
me an x-ray and checked me out and when I looked all right to go, they
wheeled me across the street right into my hotel bed. I then slept for
several more hours. When I got up, my mother thought it would be best for me
to get some fresh air, so we went outside and walked up and down the street.
I really felt no pain, I was only very drowsy. We got some room service and
later that night Dr. Reisfeld called to check up.

The next morning, Dr. Reisfeld called again to check up and then my mother and I went on a tour around LA. I felt more than up to getting out and doing some sight seeing. I
really had no bad effects from the surgery. I got home and within two weeks
was back out on the soccer field playing without any major problems. The only
thing was that my lungs were weak as Dr. Reisfeld suggested might happen. So
that took a couple of weeks to get back into shape. Also, my shoulder blades
also hurt for about 5 months after the surgery, but nothing too major. My
friends were all amazed about the result. I realized after the even though
much this affected my life. It took me about six months to stop curling my
hands and covering them with my shirt. I was still so self-conscience about
them. I am now just finished my freshmen year at college and I wanted to
write you and thank you. My life has changed for the better. I thank God
every day for Dr. Reisfeld and his staff. They have impacted my life in such
a positive way that I never dreamed possible. I could only hope that this
letter could show a fraction of the gratitude that I feel for all of you. I
now have passed on the word of this surgery to many people. I actually am
meeting with my dermatologist tomorrow and one of his patients to speak about
my experience, so I would probably assume that he will call you in the next
week or so. Again, Thank you so much. I will never forget what have done for

Suzanne Kulaga


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