Brent expresses his happiness

May 15, 2001

Dear Dr.Reisfeld,

My desire was to write you this letter as soon as I returned from my surgery to thank you, however, I decided to wait a couple months so that I could also tell you how the procedure has affected my life within these past few months. So, first of all, thank you again for performing this surgery that has allowed me to return to a normal routine in my life. You are in an amazing position to give hope to the group of individuals who suffer from this medical condition.

As you may remember, I work as an Admissions Counselor at Azusa Pacific University, and I was experiencing severe facial blushing almost every single day in the office. Whether it be interviewing with prospective students or simply dealing with my co-workers, I struggled to keep from blushing day in and day out. Immediately following the surgery, I was able to notice a huge difference. My face no longer blushes for no apparent reason. In the last two months since the surgery, the only times my face has blushed is when I have had a conflict with an individual (i.e. an angry parent of a prospective student calls and argues with me for half an hour or so). However, as some of my co-workers have told me, this is very normal and they themselves will blush or get sweaty when another person is angry with them. Also the level of my compensatory sweating is very minimal – I barely notice it. One thing I have noticed is that although my face doesn’t blush nearly as often my neck will still get red in certain occasions, such as when I am talking at length with someone I am not necessarily very familiar with, or when I am in an uncomfortable situation. While this remains as a nuisance, it is nothing compared to the uneasiness I experienced when my entire face would be red.

I also want to tell you that I have had some neat opportunities to spread the word about Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy as a result or appearing on “Inside Edition” and doing the story on my experience with Hyperhidrosis. People from around the world, literally, saw that episode and have called me to talk with me and have their questions answered about the procedure in the same way I did with others before going through with the surgery. Although I am a rather private person and didn’t look forward to sharing my story on national television, I look back and am glad to have the opportunity to get the word out. You can be sure that I give you and your staff the highest recommendation to all who ask.

Finally, I want to thank you for your flexibility in terms of the payment of the surgery. Without your help in connecting me to Inside Edition, I would have been unable to afford the procedure. It was definitely an answer to prayer.

I hope all is well with you and your staff. Have a great summer!

Brent Drummond

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