An End to Excessive Sweating Testiomonial
by Anne Bastian


Anne Bastian

Wallkills, New York

December 8, 1998

To the staff of Dr. Reisfeld:

I purposely waited a few months before writing this letter to make certain my successful results were not temporary. It’s been 3 months since my operation and I can honestly say I feel great!

Having the ETS was a life changing event that has been my salvation. Not only did Dr, Reisfeld rid me of my uncomfortable symptoms, but, he gave me something I never had before, Confidence!! When I think of my new life without hyperhidrosis I can’t help but think of the wonderful people that helped make it all come true. First. I’d like to thank the wonderful staff that went out of their way to make my trip from the east coast to the west coast possible on such short notice.

Darlene, Claudia and Michael were so professional courteous and helpful When I explained my predicament of only having a short time frame, they went to work right away to fit me in their schedule. I will be forever grateful for your help in making certain my health insurance covered most of the procedure.

When I met Dr. Reisfeld I immediately felt at ease with him. Not only did he display compassion for my condition. but, his empathy was greatly appreciated. Even though the people around you may consider you a Doctor, I consider you my Angel!! You have given me my life! My only regret, is that I didn’t meet you years earlier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And please make sure to ignore the “heckler” on the internet. The service you provide to sufferers of hyperhidrosis is nothing short of a miracle. My son is 11 years old, and I’ve already told him if he should have this debilitating condition, we will take him to see only you!

In closing, please feel free to give my letter to any patients who need reassurance. I wish I could express my gratitude more appropriately, unfortunately words cannot do it justice.

Greatfully Yours,

Anne Bastian

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